Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My studio

I miss my old studio and memories in it and I always will be.

Here is a photograph of my lovely new studio.
I thank God for giving me one.

This is the desk where I sit most of the time. By the way, my huz bought me the cool desk after we got married, and I've been loving it. It's just my kind.
And, my first-owned-ever laptop sits comfortably on my left. The little bench is solely designated for the diligent gismo because it deserves one. Haha~
A couple of boxes is still unpacked from the last year's moving. I'm not sure when it would get organized, ever.
The jewellery bench is located on the left side of the photograph which doesn't show. It gets dusty so easily. Sigh~

Ever since I started working in the jewellery field again,
it feels like He has given my life back.

All the glory to Him.

BOiS & BOiScreation


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