Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas rush

Cold and crisp December afternoon at sunset 

BOiS Christmas rush is almost over!

I know most of the sellers are still hectically busy to wrap up the biggest and happiest season of the year. As for me, Canada Post is way more expensive (and without tracking codes! urg...) compared to U.S.P.S. and takes longer to deliver since two thirds of BOiS customers order from abroad, which leads to the early finish of Christmas rush for BOiS. Otherwise, Christmas gifts won't arrive in time for Christmas.

It is certainly not beneficial for business but now I get to use some time to do other somewhat procrastinated projects: translating one of Earl's speeches, Potter's Clay art project for the upcoming conference, preparing the presentation, cleaning up Danielle's room, finishing up of the studio moving, organizing the new room, household & business bookkeeping for the past two months... And the list can go on.

Plus, there will be a major make over done for BOiS Etsy store approaching a slightly new direction. A little heads-up? Shop-wise: new photography. Jewellery-wise: more art and more Holy Spirit inspired with personal touch and taste. This will be the long time project of 2013.

Yes, yes, I need to get things in gear.

Oh, the announcement for the last minute Christmas orders:
If you're willing to pay for the cost, fast shipping is available to meet the deadline and you're more than welcome to drop by my studio and pick up your orders in person if you live in or near Toronto.

Happy December!


Friday, December 7, 2012

Winter flower

Winter flowers are blooming for the first time!

Danielle got this cactus plant from one of the elders she knows last winter and it came with red-pink buds at the ends. However, the little buds disappeared soon after and only the greens remained for the whole year. Some parts of the leaves dried off and showed brownish yellow lines which were the evidence of my extreme carelessness. The trunk seemed very loose in the dirt, almost showing off its poor roots. I thought I withered away yet another plant, even a cactus one.

Autumn came, calling in on the winter.

A couple of weeks ago, on one typical winter day, something pink, something very unusual, caught my meaninglessly grazing eyes. Oh my! Those were the baby flowers budding out their pink heads! I had never thought I would see them again. After a couple of more careless days, suddenly one of them bloomed to the full.

My first time seeing a cactus flower in the winter.
And, I say, the cactus kind can survive in my home.


Thursday, November 29, 2012


A pot of little flowers under the window embraced by morning rays of light on a dry winter day.

His mercy renews my strength once again this morning. I long to live under the grace of God.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Announcement: Christmas 2012

Nov. 30 is the last day for your Christmas orders to be shipped by regular shipping. Please plan ahead! I just hate to tell any of my customers that their gifts wouldn't arrive before the big day or that they'd have to pay so much extra for fast shipping.


Sunday, November 18, 2012

True jewel

Sweet Danielle..

Many months ago, on a warm late-spring early summer day, I was sitting on a sofa at my mom's living room and Danielle was busy following around her grandma while she was doing gardening in the yard. After some time of quietness, Danielle bursted in from the front porch and excitedly brought these cute pair that she had found in the garden right before my eyes. She yelled, "Mommy, Mommy! I got these earrings. Just for you! Like you make jewellery! I got these! For you!"

Wow. How did she know bits and parts of the nature are the true jewels for all?!

These will certainly be the earrings of my life time! And absolute one of a kind. : )

Intricate details and exquisite masterwork for such transient pieces... A glimpse of the Creator's competence.


Another poster

Not related to the commercial side of my work, however, I still wanted to share this poster I created for a non-profit team because I like the way it turned out. : ) I hid the personal information given on the poster with a piece of electronic masking tape. Neat!

Commercial work of mine is at BOiSBOiScreation.


Christmas 2012 Poster

My favourite season of the year is just around the corner!

I so hated all the horrific decorations of Halloween and couldn't wait for it to pass. I don't understand how an anchorwoman of a news channel points to those horrible displays (I don't want to call them decorations because decorations suppose to decorate) and say, "Oh, look at the cute Halloween displays!" Cute?! I only see dead corpse drenched in red blood with an axe or knife in their heads. We must have completely lost our aesthetic taste or out of our mind. The month of October was a very displeasing time that saddened me deeply.

Anyhow, it gave me a good motivation to gear up my lazy hands to prepare for Christmas early in time this year. : )

Hope you enjoy the announcement banner I created for BOiS Facebook!


Monday, July 23, 2012

Fresh look

I am rearranging the studio as of right now. Phew~ It's taking longer hours than I thought. Anyhow, this is how it looks! I got a new table and raised it high so I can do all the packaging and assemble jewellery standing up. Much more work to be still done. Book shelves and raising of the table done by the world's greatest husband JB.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Reality check

Suddenly, I realized...
that I've lost my gut and innate vigorousness along the way,
not because I desired to follow the narrow path that Jesus walked,
but just to get along with this new community which I call devoted Christians,
to be accepted
and gain respect which I had never been able to cherish in the secular party.

I could say about myself that I acted gutsy and vigorously in my early years because it is the attitude that secular people like and respect. And, then, as the new chapter of my life began, I gradually picked up these characteristics of peace-making, kindness, integrity, and so on.

Now, let's be honest with myself here.
Who am I?
What am I really like?

I'm not kind.
I'm sharp tempered and sensitive.
I love peace but hate peace-making.
I value integrity but I lack.

It's time to get down to earth,
work from there and up.
For the right reason and purpose this time.

After all this talk and thought,
what I need is God's forgiveness and acceptance.
Needing to hear "I already loved you for who you are."