Wednesday, October 30, 2013


A group of friends
Running a studio and shop
Fancy little espresso machine in one corner
People dropping by for a good cup of coffee
Exhibiting art, gifts and something pretty
Educating artists
Sharing our thoughts and passion
Killing time
And chilling
And working
And pep talking
Exchanging ideas
Worshiping. .!

by BOiS

Monday, October 28, 2013

Singing a lullaby

Brielle calls for comfort in a low pitched agitated humming sound until I finally wrap up my chores, put her in my arm and sing a lullaby. 
Then immediately her agitation turns into soft cooing sounds and she falls asleep in my arm just like that. 
Even this little one without the capability of knowing or speaking any words pushes her way to communicate with her mama! 

God's most awesome creature, 
a master piece..!

by BOiS & BOiScreation

Chinese Market

On Saturday lunch, Sam excitedly woke me up from my sweet nap and took us to a food court in a Chinese market.
It was not the fancy kind but the trip was interesting.

The whole building was a very Asian like market place, a small version of the kind you would see in Hongkong or in China.

Grilled beef and rice noodle on an iron plate was only $5.50!

Jumbo size bubble tea for $2.

There was a photography studio with a sign saying "$7.95 for passport photo".
I will be coming here next time I need to renew my passport.
Last December I paid $50 for Danielle and my passport photos at Black's.
And I don't even like me in that photo!
I look very ghostly... and I need to endure that ghostly photo for five years... :"(
When you don't like your passport photo, you don't want to travel abroad. Urg!

Overall experience to the Chinese market place was unqiue and fun.
The highlight of it was seeing those hard working cooks behind the counters.
It really challenged me to think about life and values.

by BOiS & BOiScreation

Friday, October 25, 2013

Little Touches

Little things make life beautiful and worth paying attention to.

A friend of mine was about propose to his girlfriend and I advised him on the kinds of rings she would like.
The couple gave me a small gift after the proposal, and I like it!

To start with, my favourite wrapping material: Kraft paper.
Instead of phony plastic bows, she used this unique flower made of pretty fabric.
Besides the flower, see the piece of tape on the side of the box.
The tape is matte and translucent with roses on it!
Little touch brings out so much.

Really like the neat and clean ruffle rim of the cup.
Embossed pattern on the glass surface gives nice textures to feel on your fingers when you hold it.
Translucency of the glass; its weight and thickness; ivory colour of the candle; everything goes so well together. 
And, what a nice card to bring in colour!
Sweet coconut scent adds on.

My big compliment goes out to her, the bride-to-be.
I'm sure she will have a beautiful family and home. : )

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Yellow Cup - my new niche

The place has been around for a while and I usually went for coffees.
Recently my sister and I realized they offer great dessert menus: different kinds of waffles and crepes!
Now, I'm there for the treats. : )

I'm not a big fan of music
but they do have live music on some weekends.

Love the old and warm atmosphere.
The style is one of a kind.
Has a niche of its own. 

So unlike North American.
Isn't it?

Bit crowded to bring a baby around but people manage it somehow.
If babies can't taste something sweet, they deserve something pretty after all.

Best part of the store is the ceiling.
They've created this beautiful vintage pattern using old coffee sacks. 
What a creative way to turn the ordinary white office ceiling into a work of art!
Whoever designed the store didn't miss a thing.

And the garbage can.
Messy newspapers suit the look.

Here goes the food.
Bon appetite. : ) 

And of course a yellow cup of coffee with coconut flavour.

Full moon shone our way home.

BOiScreation on CBC

BOiScreation will be broadcasted on CBC!
I just dropped in a few of selected BOiS pieces and display at the station.
I will key in more details once things unfold. : )

In the mean while, here is a sneak preview of how the display would look.

And some shots from this morning as I was dropping off the package.
By the way, it was dead cold walking down to the station this morning.
Ah! Winter is truly coming back to Toronto.

And, I bought two cups of Butter Pecan for me and Sam to warm us up with a lemon poppy seed loaf on the side.
Have I mentioned Sam took a year off on Paternity Leave?
Life is heaven with a staying-home hubby. Kiss, kiss!