Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Yellow Cup - my new niche

The place has been around for a while and I usually went for coffees.
Recently my sister and I realized they offer great dessert menus: different kinds of waffles and crepes!
Now, I'm there for the treats. : )

I'm not a big fan of music
but they do have live music on some weekends.

Love the old and warm atmosphere.
The style is one of a kind.
Has a niche of its own. 

So unlike North American.
Isn't it?

Bit crowded to bring a baby around but people manage it somehow.
If babies can't taste something sweet, they deserve something pretty after all.

Best part of the store is the ceiling.
They've created this beautiful vintage pattern using old coffee sacks. 
What a creative way to turn the ordinary white office ceiling into a work of art!
Whoever designed the store didn't miss a thing.

And the garbage can.
Messy newspapers suit the look.

Here goes the food.
Bon appetite. : ) 

And of course a yellow cup of coffee with coconut flavour.

Full moon shone our way home.

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