Friday, October 25, 2013

Little Touches

Little things make life beautiful and worth paying attention to.

A friend of mine was about propose to his girlfriend and I advised him on the kinds of rings she would like.
The couple gave me a small gift after the proposal, and I like it!

To start with, my favourite wrapping material: Kraft paper.
Instead of phony plastic bows, she used this unique flower made of pretty fabric.
Besides the flower, see the piece of tape on the side of the box.
The tape is matte and translucent with roses on it!
Little touch brings out so much.

Really like the neat and clean ruffle rim of the cup.
Embossed pattern on the glass surface gives nice textures to feel on your fingers when you hold it.
Translucency of the glass; its weight and thickness; ivory colour of the candle; everything goes so well together. 
And, what a nice card to bring in colour!
Sweet coconut scent adds on.

My big compliment goes out to her, the bride-to-be.
I'm sure she will have a beautiful family and home. : )

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