Monday, October 28, 2013

Chinese Market

On Saturday lunch, Sam excitedly woke me up from my sweet nap and took us to a food court in a Chinese market.
It was not the fancy kind but the trip was interesting.

The whole building was a very Asian like market place, a small version of the kind you would see in Hongkong or in China.

Grilled beef and rice noodle on an iron plate was only $5.50!

Jumbo size bubble tea for $2.

There was a photography studio with a sign saying "$7.95 for passport photo".
I will be coming here next time I need to renew my passport.
Last December I paid $50 for Danielle and my passport photos at Black's.
And I don't even like me in that photo!
I look very ghostly... and I need to endure that ghostly photo for five years... :"(
When you don't like your passport photo, you don't want to travel abroad. Urg!

Overall experience to the Chinese market place was unqiue and fun.
The highlight of it was seeing those hard working cooks behind the counters.
It really challenged me to think about life and values.

by BOiS & BOiScreation

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