Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New project

Yay!! I'm working on a new project and the cards I ordered just arrived today!

God answers prayers so faithfully; I'm just amazed. My story is this. I am planning to donate minimum 30 pieces of BOiS jewellery to YWAM Toronto and we will be selling them at Campus Conference 2011 for three days to raise funds for YWAM. So, in my clever wisdom, given by Him of course, I was able to order 250 cards desigmated for the event. I was happy to order the stack because not only I could hang each piece on a card in display but it would also be a good memento for the students attending the conference.  Only thing is that I didn't calculate the shipping time and the package was supposed to arrive here by the 27th which is the starting date of the conference. I needed at least three days prior to the date for preping the pieces. Timing was just too risky. The 250 cards and my good work effort were on the verge of falling to nothing because of a split second of my heedlessness. Only if I read over the descriptions before hitting the order button one more, after the 10th time.

Last Sunday, I asked a couple of my friends to pray that the package would arrive in time. And, VOILA! Here it is today! I had initially paid for 21 day slow shipping. But for some reason, God of course, I received an email from the card company yesterday that the shipping method was upgraded, and today I actually received it by UPS Expediated. This fast! I'd thought about three days prior would be good enough. How amazing is that? The kind of work God does. : )

So, here you see the card I will be using during the conference from December 27 to December 30, 2011. The theme of the conference is "Fire Of Love" so I chose this passionate design. Pretty, huh? : ) I'm very satisfied with the weight of the paper and its glossy finish. (On the other hand, BOiS cards I ordered in matt finish are quite disappointing and I'm sad. Stuck with hundreds of them. Sigh.) I guess this would be the last event happening at BOiS for the year. Merry Christmas, everyone!


Monday, November 14, 2011

"I've Found My Piece" series

Single pin

Pins for couples

On a model

Petite size necklace for women

Medium size necklace for women

Mens, Unisex

Men's, Unisex on leather

Oxidized on leather

For couples

Necklaces for couples


On a model


On a model

Here you see an almost complete "I've Found My Piece" series. : ) It took me about one and a half years from the first piece to the last one. The very first pins were created for my colleague/friend who got married in Hawaii and the last pieces, i.e. cufflinks, were created for my dear friends who are getting married in two weeks. I am truly honoured to have the artistic skills God gave me, and it is a privilege that I am able to bless my friends with something I have.

by BOiS


Friday, November 11, 2011

Chic Love series

Here is a sneak preview of the new pieces before I list on Etsy. More of Chic Love series. They will be listed on BOiScreation probably by tonight and tomorrow. Enjoy. : )

by BOiS



I sat down in my studio with full of creative energy ready to work at 11 p.m. It is about time I put my baby to sleep and have some quiet time on my own. It is a precious and rare opportunity that you get living as a mommy. But right then my eye was caught on one of the chores in my agenda left undone. Someone asked me to translate 5 pages of questions in English. The amount of work would easily cost me about 10 hours. So, I chopped the work in bits, 2 hours of translation per day. As I was doing today's allotment, translating and using my brains, frustration started to rise up in my head because all my golden time was rushing out. By the time I finished it, I was exhausted and all my energy was drained. And, I am still suffering from a headache! Urgh! (This severe headache must have been caused by the frustration I had. I can barely hold my head up.) And, it's too late to do any work. Complaints, commplaints, complaints... 1:27 a.m. to be exact. 1:30, 1:31...

by BOiS


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fall getaway

 Unifying pink and black, very classic

Butterfly brothers taking a nap

A strong one, his wings flaked off a bit

Looks like they are drinking from a water fountain : )

Beautiful delicacy

Kissing the flower

Details, details

Amazing variety

Fall flower, love its colours, shape, texture

European, eh?

Dreamy volubile with a sign

They went down the trail while I was taking this

Niagara river and the U.S. on the other side

These amazing delicacies, orders, varieties aren't possible to 'just happen' after a crash. My Designer has such magnificent sense of colours and ideas, not to mention His artistic skills and techniques. Just beautiful.

On one Thursday night, my husband asked me if I would want to get away out of the spur. Without a moment of hestation, we reserved an Inn and there we were. After my friends' visit this summer, I decided to spend more time and money on family trips because good memories shared with loved ones, especially with family members, are what it takes to cherish and appreciate life all the more. I have been keeping my promise very well since then. To prove it, I'll say this little trip was the second one already.

We went to the Butterfly Conservatory in Niagara for the sake of our little one but I'd have to admit that we had more fun. The conservatory has about two thousands butterflies. Or twenty thousands, I don't recall. It wasn't important because there were sufficient enough butterflies there. At least one butterfly flew in my arm's reach every time. We were very careful not to accidently step on or hit one of them while moving. I fell in love with their delicate wings, detailed structures and beautifully unifying colours. It felt like I was in a fairy land, one similar to where Tinkerbell lived. I can't even imagine how heaven would be like if the earth is this much amazing. It was fun.

by BOiS


Chic Love (long necklace)

Chic Loveć…£Purchase

A new addition to BOiScreation.
Great on mono-toned clothings for any get-togethers.
Throw on something chic while keeping your simple and minimal style.

I'm into long necklaces these days. : )

by BOiS


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

These are some of the pieces I worked on last night. Just LOVE making jewellery. I find beauty is one of the most fascinating aspects in life. On a journey to discover more.

by BOiS


New month

New Supplies

God gave me money on the last day of the last month and I was blessed to visit a new store, not to just glimpse around (which was my initial plan) but to buy new supplies with some money! Hooray! So, I'm starting this new month with a handful of things to play with. I'm excited. New pieces coming on the way.

by BOiS