Monday, November 14, 2011

"I've Found My Piece" series

Single pin

Pins for couples

On a model

Petite size necklace for women

Medium size necklace for women

Mens, Unisex

Men's, Unisex on leather

Oxidized on leather

For couples

Necklaces for couples


On a model


On a model

Here you see an almost complete "I've Found My Piece" series. : ) It took me about one and a half years from the first piece to the last one. The very first pins were created for my colleague/friend who got married in Hawaii and the last pieces, i.e. cufflinks, were created for my dear friends who are getting married in two weeks. I am truly honoured to have the artistic skills God gave me, and it is a privilege that I am able to bless my friends with something I have.

by BOiS


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