Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fall getaway

 Unifying pink and black, very classic

Butterfly brothers taking a nap

A strong one, his wings flaked off a bit

Looks like they are drinking from a water fountain : )

Beautiful delicacy

Kissing the flower

Details, details

Amazing variety

Fall flower, love its colours, shape, texture

European, eh?

Dreamy volubile with a sign

They went down the trail while I was taking this

Niagara river and the U.S. on the other side

These amazing delicacies, orders, varieties aren't possible to 'just happen' after a crash. My Designer has such magnificent sense of colours and ideas, not to mention His artistic skills and techniques. Just beautiful.

On one Thursday night, my husband asked me if I would want to get away out of the spur. Without a moment of hestation, we reserved an Inn and there we were. After my friends' visit this summer, I decided to spend more time and money on family trips because good memories shared with loved ones, especially with family members, are what it takes to cherish and appreciate life all the more. I have been keeping my promise very well since then. To prove it, I'll say this little trip was the second one already.

We went to the Butterfly Conservatory in Niagara for the sake of our little one but I'd have to admit that we had more fun. The conservatory has about two thousands butterflies. Or twenty thousands, I don't recall. It wasn't important because there were sufficient enough butterflies there. At least one butterfly flew in my arm's reach every time. We were very careful not to accidently step on or hit one of them while moving. I fell in love with their delicate wings, detailed structures and beautifully unifying colours. It felt like I was in a fairy land, one similar to where Tinkerbell lived. I can't even imagine how heaven would be like if the earth is this much amazing. It was fun.

by BOiS


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