Saturday, November 2, 2013

If I had a shop

I'd be buying so many props!!
(I think I'm more into props than clothes.)

Meeting people face to face,
exchanging greetings and comments would brighten up my day.

Once again, I was imagining and daydreaming BOiS pieces displayed in one of these boxes
In my own mortar and brick shop..

This little drawer is lovely!
It is a jewellery organizer, and I instantly fell in love with the rigid yet classic design, colour and details.
Again, daydreaming where I would place the drawer in the shop.
I would leave one or two drawers open on a shelf so that people may feel free to open and touch the drawers to discover the hidden treasures.

I've seen many and bought a few of these jewellery hangers but this one is special.
It's made of wood and fabric!
Its texture and tone of colours is eye catching.
Plus, I think the leaf patterns go well with this type of fabric.
I usually do not like female figures turned into these props, some of them wearing dresses or body suits, if you know what I mean.
They look cheap or too fancy.

In one of the corridors of the shop, something caught my eyes again.
I would've bought the pair for Danielle!
Only if she was older..

Good that they had these in children's section and no sizes for adults.
I would've seriously battled with myself against compulsive buying.

Anyway, it was a Courgar kind.
Every time a pair of boots on a shelf grabs my attention, it is Cougar.
In fact, a pair I bought for myself early this year was Cougar as well.

Love Cougar boots.
Their designs are unique, pretty and functional.
And, their boots come with tags with numbers which indicate the lowest degree of temperature they can protect our feet against harsh weathers.
The weather in Toronto sure asks for a good pair of boots.

I had to leave all these beauties behind because there is absolutely no more space in the studio.
I didn't need them.
There was no excuse.


The little lady is standing on my desk right now.
Well, it is space efficient. ; )

by BOiS and BOiScreation

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