Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Door #3 Display

This is how I displayed Door #3 at the Art Show.
Unfortunately, I couldn't get a chance to take a picture of the whole display. Feedback on the lamp stand was good! :) I guess I'm so like the OCAD MAAD girl.

I'll be displaying Door series in a similar manner, one in each frame, at the next exhibition which is coming in the spring 2011.

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Door #3 Artist Statement

This is the artist statement I'll be putting up for Door Series 3 at the exhibition tomorrow. It's been a long time since I've written one. :)

I'm quite unhappy with the layout but well, I'm not a graphic designer.. Still, the outcome would've been better if I had put more effort into it. It was the last minute job I did and I was busy enough writing the content. I promise myself to do a better job next time. Or, at least ask for advice.

My December is quite busy with different activities,
but I'm having fun doing them all.

Merry Christmas. .!

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Contemporary Christian Music Concert and Art Show

I will be exhibiting one of my pieces at an art show on December 11, 2010.

A couple months ago, my huz got a beautiful wooden light stand perfect for placing business cards or for exhibiting small items.
So earlier tonight, I made a pretty shade to cover the light bulb. It helps to dim and direct the light onto the small table which is attached to the stand.

I should have it photographed and post it!

As I was making the shade, the little one in our house abruptly came into my studio plodding many of her toys with her. She sat beside me nosing on my business asking thousands of questions touching everything (which, by the way, is always stated as forbidden in the studio) around her, and then, she finally found a piece of red paper. A heart had been cut out from the piece and one side of it was snipped open. It was from the scraps left from the decoration I did for my friend on her bridal shower. However, my two year old daughter's eyes flashed with joyful curiosity when she found the piece as if she found a treasure. She held the discarded piece of paper in front of my busy eyes and said, "Mom, a heart!" She looked for her notebook, placed the piece of paper on a brand new page and started to trace a heart from it. Of course all of her attempts were not so successful. Her hands were still too small and her motions were wabbly. The paper slipped under her white mushroom size hand much before she finished a trace every time. They were more like indefinite scribbles, but a trace of heart. And, she got angry. LOL :)

I love the way she holds the pencil with her oh-so-cute small round fingers!!!

Anyhow, the one in the photograph is the piece I will be exhibiting at the show.
Hope the music is good and we have some fun there. :)

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BOiS official facebook page

BOiS Official Facebook Page is now open!

It's been months figuring out how to use the Facebook page!

You are more than welcome to leave your know-how's and tips. :)

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