Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New project

Yay!! I'm working on a new project and the cards I ordered just arrived today!

God answers prayers so faithfully; I'm just amazed. My story is this. I am planning to donate minimum 30 pieces of BOiS jewellery to YWAM Toronto and we will be selling them at Campus Conference 2011 for three days to raise funds for YWAM. So, in my clever wisdom, given by Him of course, I was able to order 250 cards desigmated for the event. I was happy to order the stack because not only I could hang each piece on a card in display but it would also be a good memento for the students attending the conference.  Only thing is that I didn't calculate the shipping time and the package was supposed to arrive here by the 27th which is the starting date of the conference. I needed at least three days prior to the date for preping the pieces. Timing was just too risky. The 250 cards and my good work effort were on the verge of falling to nothing because of a split second of my heedlessness. Only if I read over the descriptions before hitting the order button one more, after the 10th time.

Last Sunday, I asked a couple of my friends to pray that the package would arrive in time. And, VOILA! Here it is today! I had initially paid for 21 day slow shipping. But for some reason, God of course, I received an email from the card company yesterday that the shipping method was upgraded, and today I actually received it by UPS Expediated. This fast! I'd thought about three days prior would be good enough. How amazing is that? The kind of work God does. : )

So, here you see the card I will be using during the conference from December 27 to December 30, 2011. The theme of the conference is "Fire Of Love" so I chose this passionate design. Pretty, huh? : ) I'm very satisfied with the weight of the paper and its glossy finish. (On the other hand, BOiS cards I ordered in matt finish are quite disappointing and I'm sad. Stuck with hundreds of them. Sigh.) I guess this would be the last event happening at BOiS for the year. Merry Christmas, everyone!


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