Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas rush

Cold and crisp December afternoon at sunset 

BOiS Christmas rush is almost over!

I know most of the sellers are still hectically busy to wrap up the biggest and happiest season of the year. As for me, Canada Post is way more expensive (and without tracking codes! urg...) compared to U.S.P.S. and takes longer to deliver since two thirds of BOiS customers order from abroad, which leads to the early finish of Christmas rush for BOiS. Otherwise, Christmas gifts won't arrive in time for Christmas.

It is certainly not beneficial for business but now I get to use some time to do other somewhat procrastinated projects: translating one of Earl's speeches, Potter's Clay art project for the upcoming conference, preparing the presentation, cleaning up Danielle's room, finishing up of the studio moving, organizing the new room, household & business bookkeeping for the past two months... And the list can go on.

Plus, there will be a major make over done for BOiS Etsy store approaching a slightly new direction. A little heads-up? Shop-wise: new photography. Jewellery-wise: more art and more Holy Spirit inspired with personal touch and taste. This will be the long time project of 2013.

Yes, yes, I need to get things in gear.

Oh, the announcement for the last minute Christmas orders:
If you're willing to pay for the cost, fast shipping is available to meet the deadline and you're more than welcome to drop by my studio and pick up your orders in person if you live in or near Toronto.

Happy December!


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