Friday, December 7, 2012

Winter flower

Winter flowers are blooming for the first time!

Danielle got this cactus plant from one of the elders she knows last winter and it came with red-pink buds at the ends. However, the little buds disappeared soon after and only the greens remained for the whole year. Some parts of the leaves dried off and showed brownish yellow lines which were the evidence of my extreme carelessness. The trunk seemed very loose in the dirt, almost showing off its poor roots. I thought I withered away yet another plant, even a cactus one.

Autumn came, calling in on the winter.

A couple of weeks ago, on one typical winter day, something pink, something very unusual, caught my meaninglessly grazing eyes. Oh my! Those were the baby flowers budding out their pink heads! I had never thought I would see them again. After a couple of more careless days, suddenly one of them bloomed to the full.

My first time seeing a cactus flower in the winter.
And, I say, the cactus kind can survive in my home.


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