Sunday, July 10, 2011

In times

Sometimes when I get discouraged, I tend to lose all the perseverance, diligence and passion I had within me. When it happens, I no longer strive to fight the obstacles in the way and start to compromise. All the obstacles become the ultimate excuse why I cannot do this and that. I get moe sharp tempered and sensitive, on the top of the way I already am. These factors create great irritation and a burden on my husband and he runs out of his patience with me.

So I sit quietly in the basement, cooling down from the summer heat and try to find the reason why I am doing all these things I am doing right now. Trying to restore the original purpose in all and maybe to find a better one.

Some people say that the biggest advanture you can take is to live the life of your dreams. But I need to watch out what I dream of. It could be dangerous and regretful at the end if it was geared in vain. What I would find then will be nothingness. My dream should be directed towards life.

I need help.
I need instruction.
I need life.

Teach me again and fill me with your Spirit .

by BOiS


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