Friday, July 8, 2011

Life in North America

everybody pursuits different kinds of life styles

remember, life isn't perfect

men and their dogs

Marley & Me

. . .isn't fancy, just like John's last couple of lines at the end of the movie.

I just LOVE their house that never gets organized.
There are a few fantasizing elements here and there; however, the movie shows life in North America, conflicts that common people here struggle through and the ultimate value that we ought to strive for, lest forgotten.
It may seem too plain simple to some people but I know that the movie is not cheesy because those simple conflicts illustrated in the movie are the very present things that I go through still today and these are real struggles. They aren't light or cheap, but rather deep and somewhat destructive on life if not resolved in a correct manner.

So, in my very personal opinion, I recommend this movie about ten thousand times better and more over Black Swan (although, I am fond of Natalie Portman).

by BOiS


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  1. I guess you finally saw the movie. We couldn't find the right time while I was in Toronto... Lack of sleep like always.