Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'm reading 3 Minutes

My sister and I dropped by Chapters to buy some books yesterday night. 
We walked through the aisles of the bookstore, holding cups of coffee and tea. 
If you were vising Chapters yesterday night, you'd have found my sister in the bestseller section obsessing over books; and of course, me in the Indigo section obsessing over stationary, as usual. 

This time, nevertheless, I bought two books. 

So I'll be reading this week and have some study to do. (To make a confession, I don't have a driver's license yet.) 
I know that they provide free online study guide on the government website running by Ontario Ministry of Transportaion. (Here's the Guide in case someone need to look it up.)
Free trial tests are offered by different websites, but I insisted on buying and holding onto a hard copy. 
Because I WILL be studying the material very thoroughly. Haha. 
After procrastinating for 14 years, I think it is about time to get it for real. 
After all, my little one needs to go to school in a few months. 
I jokingly told her, "You might not be able to go to school because mommy can't drive," and she panicked. 

Many responsibilities and happy faces are hanging on the verge of my ability to drive.
Or I'll be incompetent.

by BOiS


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