Friday, October 14, 2011

my love, my darling. .

God gave me Danielle and He said that she would be my solace.

Yesterday night, we went grocery shopping and there were buckets of flowers on sale at the entrance. She picked up a bunch and insisted on buying it. She said, "Mommy's flower all withered so I need to buy new ones!" About a month ago, it was our 5th wedding anniversary and my husband bought a bouquet of red roses. I recently threw it out because the roses became black and old. I pulled out the bunch that Danielle put in the basket because I'd rather buy something useful with that money. I explained to her, "flowers are for special events, honey." Usually, she is very easy to talk to because she pretty much understands everything around her if I explain in proper words. But this time she wouldn't listen to my words and she put the flowers back in the basket. "No, mommy needs her flowers because her flowers all withered and we threw them out." I pulled them out and she put them back again. So I let the flowers to sit there for a while, thinking that I would persuade her out of it before the check out. We began our shopping, walked in the aisles putting things in our basket. And, every time she heard a hint of rustling sound of the paper that wrapped around the flowers, she immediately looked back with suspicion that her mommy was making a move to pull it out again. She made sure that the flowers were sitting there safely, positioning them correctly with her tiny wabbly hands. "I need them for mommy."

How sweet. . .
That's my story from yesterday.

Just now, father came and brought her to his house so that I could have some quiet time and work. In the drive way, sitting in her car seat, she repeatedly said "I love you, mommy" in English and "엄마 사랑해 (I love you, mommy)" in Korean, making heart shapes with her arms and fingers, blowing kisses, and then left.

I guess it's life.

Here are the flowers that she picked out for me.
Nothing fancy, a small bunch of Carnation.

My Solace

by BOiS


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