Monday, September 30, 2013


Danielle started ballet on Saturday!
Her two years of longing gets fulfilled.

Thank God He led us to a good program.

And now, our week begins
but my body and emotion is not quite ready to gear in.
And Danielle went to school with drops of tears on her cheeks because she didn't like the clothes daddy picked out for her and I couldn't tie her hair.
Ah! I get so angry and tiresome every time she does that.
I feel like a failure.

Gray Monday, gray hearted..

But after all, here I write again that my day turned out to be fine.
I was able to get some work done during the day and Sam willingly suggested we go over to my parents' house even though he came home tired and he knew there would be loads of work waiting for him, only him.
For me, visiting those people there is always such delight.
I just love the luv-vibe! 
And, came back with two full hands of food and fruits.

Time to feed and put Brielle to sleep.
Nighty night. .

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